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Since Ubud Meals Pageant first launched in 2015, we’ve had numerous of cooks and culinary figures becoming a member of us on our cooking demo phases, Kitchen Stage and Teater Kuliner. To refresh your reminiscence on the enjoyable and endearing Pageant expertise, we want to share among the finest recipes from these phases which you can attempt at residence.

Let’s look again to the 2018’s Kitchen Stage with chef Daniel Chavez, the place he whipped up ceviche al aji amarillo. The Peruvian dish ceviche is now a staple on seafood menus around the globe, made up of uncooked fish, citrus, herbs and spices. Daniel Chavez, nevertheless, has a novel take on this recipe. He included mashed candy potatoes for a plethora of playful texture.

Ceviche Al Aji Amarillo

80 gr contemporary fish diced     
20 gr crimson onion sliced and washed in iced water
1/2 a bit of chopped chili padi
1/2 a clove of garlic
1 tsp diced crimson chili
1 tbsp diced yellow chili
3 ice cubes
1/2 tsp salt
4 limes, squeezed
6 coriander leaves
1 tsp evaporated milk
2 child romaine lettuce leaves, washed
1 candy potato
3 oranges
80 gr refined sugar
1 computer cinnamon
1 computer star annise
2 pcs cloves

1. Squeeze all oranges right into a pot, add in sugar, cinnamon, clove and star anise.       
2. Peel the candy potato and put in the identical pot, cowl with water and cook dinner till comfortable. Let it cool and mash.            
3. In a bowl, add the diced fish, crimson onions, garlic, chili padi, yellow chili and ice. Pour within the lime juice. Combine to rectify seasoning. Add evaporated milk whereas continually mixing. Chop the coriander, then combine it in.
4. Serve the ceviche with the mashed candy potatoes and child romaine lettuce leaves.

In case you are making this recipe at residence, don’t overlook to share on social media and tag @ubudfoodfest to get it reposted.


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