Following A Hashtag On Twitter In 2 Easy Ways

2 great ways to follow a hashtag on twitter
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Method 1: By Far The Easiest Way To Follow A Hashtag # On Twitter!


The great thing about Twitter is that they save every hashtag search you do. How? Well, they save it in the list of recent searches, which makes it easy to find.

That makes the task of following a hashtag so easy! To find all of the relevant tweets for this hashtag, it is as simple as clicking on the search bar, and Hey Presto, it is there! All of your recent hashtag searches will appear, no questions asked!

Of course, this is no accident. Twitter has set things up to operate easily in this area.

But, suppose you want to delete this history? It is also easy to delete your hashtag recent searches, all you need to do is click on the ‘x’ next to the one that you wish deleted, and this entry will be gone..instantly!


Method 2: The ‘Explore’ Page, A Gift From Twitter Which Is A Hashtag Treasure Trove!


5 ways to follow a hashtag on Twitter | London Business Directory



Twitter didn’t just stop with one hashtag research feature, they created a second, at no extra charge! Introducing the Explore Page!

If you check on the left hand menu of your Twitter page, you will see it conveniently located right under the Home Page Tab. And, it is personalised for your use!

But, You May Wonder, How Does It Work?:


The great thing about the Explore Page is its’ manual control. You get to choose which hashtags to follow, not just what is suggested for you.

The Page doesn’t just stop there. It will also show hashtags that are likely to interest you too. How so? Well easily, it also suggests accounts that are likely to interest you too, mostly by focusing on accounts that you are already following.

But, what is the selection criteria for those hashtags?

Of course, with Twitter knowing which accounts you are following, the task is quite easy. They priorities your follows, and then organise them in that order in your ‘Explore Page’. Who said artificial intelligence is bad?

Since Twitter runs on hashtags, so to speak, it is no wonder that they have made following a # so easy! Why not give it a try. We estimate that in only a few minutes, you will be a master at following hashtags!


You May Be Asking, Show Me Step By Step How It Works…Well, Here Goes!


Following Hashtags on Twitter Using The Explore Tab - London Business Listings


Firstly: The first step is the foundation. You simply need to find, and follow, any accounts that have your hashtag preferences. You will get the hang of this quite easily.

Secondly: Again, just click on the follow function for the accounts that are posting those hashtags frequently. It is not a laser focus, you will get a high number of hashtag results. However, Twitter will store your interest in that hashtag and show it in your search results.

Thirdly: Patience Grasshopper!  Your searches and their results will be stored, and preferences formed. Go back to your Explore feature after a couple of days, and see the results. The hashtags that are of highest priority to you will soon show up. Now, whilst this is a little more laborious than the first method, it still yields great results. The best thing to do is to combine methods one and two together, this will get you following your favourite hashtags in no time at all!





At Stanpost, we know that your most precious resource is time. Social Media, especially Twitter, can help you manage time effectively, and grow your business.

For all you existing, and budding entrepreneurs, you know that ROI is one of the most important growth factors, so who wants to waste their time? The simple answer is NO ONE. As such, for your Social Media campaign, get used to the Hashtag search and follow features, your ROI will love you for it!

How so? Well, your favourite hashtags, subjects, and other interests, will be served to you on a platter…who could ask for more? Twitter should be thanked for making this so user friendly, and as a business owner, it is a resource that you should not igmore.

Of course, following a few hashtags is not all that is required to be successful, so why not list your business in our UK business directory, and get your company in front of the UK…and the World!

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