Coventry City of Culture 2021 – 3 Things You Should Know

Coventry city of culture 2021
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It is fair to say that Coventry doesn’t always get the best rap. The feedback can be less than complimentary at times. However, it was named City of Culture for 2021. So, why would anyone make that decision, surely there are more interesting places to name than Coventry?

Well, here are 3 things that might just open your mind a little on this, and perhaps help you to justify the selection of Coventry City of Culture 2021.

More Hip – Less Breaking Of…

One of the primary ways to bring an atmosphere of liveliness in a city is by investing in youth. The younger folk, whilst not possessing the experience of older ones, bring an energy to an area that gives life to it. So, what would you say the average age is in Coventry, and how does that compare to the rest of the country?

You may be surprised to know that Coventry has an average age of 33 according to the Guardian. How does that compare with the national average? Well, the same article lists that as a full 7 years lower than the national average!

Breaking that down further, 241,525 (65%) of adults in the city are 64 or less, compared with 50,231 people (13.5%) who are officially retirement age. So, Coventry is a city with a future, a generation of contributors to the workforce, culture, and vibe, that will stand the city in good stead for hears to come.

And, if that were not enough, consider the makeup of the community! A full 27% of Coventry’s population were born outside the UK, meaning that diversity is a strength of this Midlands town.

So, younger people and multicultural roots? Sounds like a winning formula for the future!

Coventry Reinvented…

It is fair to say that the Second World War was a nasty period all round. There are few benefits to war. However, one thing did occur that caused a change in direction for Coventry, what was it?

From August 1940 until about 2 years later, one event rocked the city and forced a reinvention, one that ultimately contributed to Coventry’s relevance today. This event was known as the ‘Coventry Blitz‘.

Up until August 1940, Coventry had a wonderful and rich medieval history. Such a history is one that offers it’s own contribution to culture. Unfortunately, the Luftwaffe forced a change in direction. The city was forced to redefine itself when the Luftwaffe obliterated the Medieval core during the extended period of bombing. The great history that was lost during this period did, however, offer something of a positive.

The now ruined city centre became the focus of what was called the ‘Gibson plan’, a project overseen by the town planner Donald Gibson. His plans to redesign the city centre included such things as a designated shopping area, which centralised many of the features that the city enjoys to this day.

Of course, not all of the pre-war culture was lost. Coventry Cathedral was left, in it’s ruined state, as a reminder of what Coventry had been like…and the effects of the War on the town.

There is a saying that ‘nothing changes if nothing changes’. The enforced redesign of Coventry has laid the foundation for it’s eventual rise in cultural importance.

Prestige Cars!

Whilst not everyone will associate Coventry with fine automobiles, the modern market may not have been the same without this fine city!

When you think of prestige British cars, what comes to your mind? Daimler motor vehicles have been a coveted British car for around 125 years. They may not have been the same without Coventry! Why so?

The Daimler Motor Company Limited was founded way back in 1896 by H.J. Lawson and was headquartered in London. But, Coventry was set up as the manufacturing base, meaning that the city played a key role in it’s inception.

So, it is true that Coventry won the right to be the 2021 winner of ‘City of Culture’. However, it has been contributing to British culture for a very long time…

Thinking of Visiting Coventry?

What can you expect if you visit the 2021 city of culture today?

With it’s younger generations, multicultural influence, and blend of history and modern influences, Coventry has a lot to offer.

Here are a few of our recommended things to do:

These are just a few of the many amazing things to do in Coventry. There are many more!

Yes, not everyone enjoys, or speaks highly of Coventry. However, the 2021 winner of city of culture really does have a lot to offer….why not visit?

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