7 Dynamic Ways To Launch Your Business Marketing

7 Dynamic Ways To Launch Your Business Marketing
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Gone are the days when a business would succeed by providing a great product, and customer service. These days, you need 7 Dynamic Ways To Launch Your Business Marketing, Why? Allow me to explain.

Of course, a product must be able to do what it was intended to do. That is your absolute foundation. However, just as a rocket needs to use the launchpad to propel itself into space, you need to use a good product as your launchpad..and your business marketing to propel your success!

How, though, can you achieve lift off? Consider these 7 Dynamic Ways To Launch Your Business Marketing.

 1st Dynamic Way To Launch Your Business Marketing – Market Research is Vital

There is a saying that if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Market research is a absolute must when it comes to your marketing strategy. Think of it as putting fuel in the rocket prior to lift off. You won’t achieve any heights if you don’t add your fuel. Market research is your fuel, it energies your strategy, giving it purpose and direction. And, when it comes to market research, don’t ‘wing it’. It’s worth spending a sufficient amount to ensure that the big expenditure, your marketing strategy, achieves lift off.

The 2nd Dynamic Way To Launch Your Business Marketing –  Identify Your Target Market

As mentioned, promotion, aka marketing, is costly. To help minimise unnecessary expenditures, identify your potential clients and place them into groups or sectors. What will this achieve? Knowing the particular nuances of your target audience will help you achieve focus in your marketing strategy..and reduce unnecessary expenditure.

Grouping your clients into sectors can be achieved with characteristics such as:

  • Where they live
  • Their demographics – how old they are, their gender, income, etc.
  • What behavioural characteristics do they display – do they demonstrate brand loyalty, compulsive buying..etc?
  • Their lifestyle characteristics – How does their social class, their personality etc identify them.

Once you have grouped your customers into sectors, you can identify the particular market that you need to target..and Voila! Lift off!The 3rd Dynamic Way To Launch Your Business Marketing

The 3rd Dynamic Way To Launch Your Busines Marketing – Identify your USP

What, you ask, is a USP? Well, it is shortened for unique selling proposition. The USP is as it sounds, what makes you stand out from the crowd – How does your good or service differ from your competitors? How are you unique in what you do?

But, you insist, I don’t know what I do differently! Well, then, you need to think tank. Get out your colleagues and a whiteboard. Start by asking the following questions:

  • What is it about my goods and services that I love? Where is my passion in this job?
  • Do I have special skills or talents that I infuse into my product?
  • Why do my customers come to me?
  • What benefits do my customers get by choosing my goods and services?
  • If I were to describe my business to others, what characteristics would I highlight?

The 4th Dynamic Way To Launch Your Busines Marketing – Business Brand Development

Do you have a business brand? It’s vital that you do, why? Now, we are not talking about your logo, just about everyone has one of them! Your brand is a relatable symbol of your identity, your integrity, value, and trust. How do you enforce those values into your prospective clients? By building a brand for your business.

As an exercise, picture Coca Cola. What comes to your mind? A gifted few will say sugary water! However, most will equate terms such as summer, fun, youth etc. What does your brand shout when others see it? Take the time and money to invest in building a great brand, then stick to it, and enforce the values you want to project.

The 5th Dynamic Way To Launch Your Busines Marketing – Channelling Your Marketing

There is no end to the channels you can direct your marketing toward. However, go back to the target groups that you identified earlier in this article, then identify the way that you will direct, or channel your marketing strategy.

What channels could you consider? Some choices could be a website for your business, social media platforms, using print such as flyers, networking etc.

We cannot here tell you which avenue you should choose, let your focus group do that for you.

The 6th Dynamic Way To Launch Your Busines Marketing – Clearly identify your goals and set your budget

Surely, you feel, that goals must be incremental. Maybe you feel that you set one goal at a time, based upon results. However, experience tells us that your goals must be SMART:

  • specific,
  • measurable,
  • attainable,
  • relevant and
  • time-based.

In addition to be clear in what you want to achieve, you will also need to plan well when it comes to your budget. Why? Running a business is not cheap. Consider some of the costs that you will accrue:

  • Setting up and maintaining a website
  • An effective SEO strategy
  • Developing and growing your brand.
  • The cost of printed stationery and office supplies.
  • Third party advertising.
  • Staffing
  • Insurance
  • Government charges
  • Taxation

All of these are vital additions to your budget. Failure to plan for these expenditures could be the difference between lift off, and crashing on take off.

The 7th Dynamic Way To Launch Your Busines Marketing – Reward Loyalty

Successful businesses simply cannot afford to treat their customers as ‘one stop’ cash infusions. To succeed, you will need repeat business. So, how can you get your clients coming back for more? Reward their loyalty. Some ways to build customer loyalty are:

  • keep in touch – do this via newsletters, social media, blogs etc.
  • Don’t stop the service with the sale – follow up after the purchase.
  • Your word is your bond – let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no.
  • Over deliver. Make sure that what you provide exceeds the customer’s expectations.
  • Don’t be afraid of reviews – they energise your development, so welcome feedback.
  • Listen quickly, speak slowly – your customers will often let you know where to improve
  • Ensure your staff value your clients as you do – provide exemplary customer service training.

What We Have Learnt In 7 Dynamic Ways To Launch Your Busines Marketing

If we could sum up this article in one word, it would be: Think

Think about your goals and how to achieve them. Think about your budget.

Next find ways to idendify your target market and how to reward them.

The preparatory steps that we have identified here are proven ways to achieve lift off in your marketing campaign. We hope that you will use one or more of these techniques to help your business soar to new heights!

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