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London is the most amazing place! As are Manchester, Birmingham…pretty much the whole UK! However, we pay for the vibe with stress! Travel, Pandemics, and a whole bunch of other issues can make life stress city. So, why not take time out to enjoy this fantastic land whilst losing the stress that goes with it? At Stanpost, we have selected 5 of our favourite YouTube UK Vloggers who can help you relax, whilst still absorbing the vibe that is life in the UK.

So, with no further ado, here are the 5 best(in our opinion) channels to kick back, put your feet up, and enjoy over a beverage or two!


John Rogers


When we want to learn more about the history of the Home Counties, whilst rambling around the London Orbital..and more, we turn to John Rogers. John is a captivating character, complete with beard, long hair, and sharp intellect. You can enjoy his narrated ramblings here.






Mostly Walking


Can’t get into the city tonight for a long night? No problem! Let Mostly Walking do it for you! Here is a channel that focuses on capturing the vibe that is London, it’s cafe’s, restaurants, and night life! If you want a night out whilst staying home, Mostly Walking is for you. Whenever we are away and want to feel at home, we tune into ‘Mostly Walking’, and you should too.

Now, truth be told, Mostly Walking is not one to send you to sleep, it’s not designed for relaxation. However, what the Channel does is remind you of what makes London such a great place! You can find this UK city vlogger here.





Sanpo Stroll


After John Rogers, we discovered Sanpo Stroll. With the channels’ cute Asian icon, we guess that here is someone who has recently discovered the UK, and enjoys what they have found. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and you will enjoy the countryside, towns and city streets that Sanpo Stroll captures.

Come on Sanpo Stroll! You stopped your excellent videos a few months ago. We hope that you will start filming them again soon :(.

Sanpo Stroll is an amazing channel, and even if there is nothing new posted recently, we are sure that the back catalogue is well worth viewing, and will give you hours of relaxing UK time, all from the comfort of your couch!

You can find the channel for Sanpo Stroll here.



Everywhere Is Imagined


Ambience is the keyword for ‘Everywhere is Imagined’. The channel is swimming in the stuff! When you want an early morning walk in a country town, when the frost captures your dreams, and when you want to hear a gurgling brook to wake up to…Everywhere is Imagined is just the ticket!

This channel is our pick for the most relaxing of the 5 choices that we have included here. How could it be anything else? It centres on the West Country..places like Somerset and others that we probably won’t have time to slip out and enjoy anytime soon. Well, don’t worry, you can still enjoy these fantastic villages from the comfort of your bed…Just let Everywhere is Imagined capture it for you!

At this point, ‘Everywhere Is Imagined’ is posting regular videos, and interacting with their subscribers promptly and courteously. Rest assured however, that even if the Channel was to stop posting videos today, there would be hours of quality video that will keep you occupies. And, the best thing is, they are so good, you won’t have any problem watching them over and over again!

You can find the channel for ‘Everywhere Is Imagined’ here.







And now for the mystery house( ok, we’re not ‘Escape to the Country’). Wanderizm is a little different. This is not our pick for the most relaxing of the UK vloggers. But they are still well worth a watch!

Have you ever toured London from the top floor of a Double Decker Bus?…Wanderizm will do it for you! And, you don’t have to worry about the bus fare, rain, or noisy passengers, Wanderizm covers all the bases.

The beauty is in this channel that we all know that travel in London can hardly be described as the most relaxing of pastimes, yet Wanderizm can make it so! See the streets, towns, and communities in the Capital that you probably didn’t have the time, or inclination, to discover! Let Wanderizm be your public transport tourist guide to London!

Wanderizm might not be the most ambient of Vloggers, yet the Channel has a charm all of it’s own. You will have hours of stimulating viewing, and you can find the channel here.








London is a great place, as is the rest of the UK. However, we really don’t get time to appreciate all that it has to offer. The good thing is, that with modern technology, we can enjoy it all from the comfort of our laptop, iPad, or phone! These UK Vloggers are top notch, give them a good few hours tonight, and allow them to help you unwind, and be entertained at the the same time!

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