3 Things From Arsenal’s Loss To Brentford

3 Things From Arsenal's Loss To Brentford
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Losing to Brentford, it isn’t just about losing that concerns Arsenal supporters, it was the manner of the loss. After all, it’s not going to get any easier with two massive games ahead for the Gunners, so it could be the case that Arsenal may have a whopping 0…that’s ZERO points after 3 games…confirming Arsenal to the realms of mediocrity in the minds of just about every Premier League lover, the World over. Arteta’s rebuild appears to be in tatters after just one game of the new season

If Twitter starts broadcasting that the President of Rwanda cannot contain his thoughts on Arsenal’s mediocrity, then you know things could be better! So, with that in mind, here are 3 take away points from the loss to Brentford.


Brentford Must Do ONE Thing To Survive in the EPL

Whilst one game for Arsenal has caused Arsenal fans to write off the entire season, Brentford have an altogether different prospect.
As with all recent teams promoted from the Championship…Norwich and others included, Brentford immediately showed why they deserved their promotion. Their passion, commitment, and press were simply overwhelming for the Gunners. Their strength was also a similar reason for the Gunner’s failure.
Other Championship teams, who have begun strongly, teams such as Norwich, have immediately shown their desire, only to fade away when their confidence was drained by simply better and hungrier teams. Once the confidence was gone, their seasons collapsed.
Don’t take anything away from Brentford, the win over Arsenal was amazing. However, to ensure survival in the EPL Brentford will need to show more than just desire. They will need to show that that spirit can continue after potential losses to City, United, Liverpool, or Chelsea. Only if defeats, even heavy defeats, to the top six do not cause their confidence to collapse, will Brentford earn a place as a regular Premier League participant.

Arsenal’s Problems Are Not Just Down To Squad Depth

Arteta promised an unprecedented transfer window, one with a complete squad overhaul. At this point, it seems to be just talk, no action. He has found that moving on lesser players, and acquiring stronger players, is ok in theory..not so simple in fact.
Arsenal doesn’t necessarily have a bad squad. It has a solid mix of ageing internationals, young stars, and everything in between. However, the squad has been a real disappointment, why?
Some pundits have questioned why Arsenal are buying old stars that Chelsea no longer want..and they have a point. Ageing stars, fat contracts, and poor performances legitimise those views. However, it’s consistent failure has surprised everyone. Aubameyang has lost the ability to score goals. Willian has a major disappointment, and others such as Ozil need no further comment.
Arsenal is little more than a laughing stock now, and the culture is one of failure. Adding one or two good players…like White for 50 million…seem little more than a drop in an empty bucket of ambition.

Arteta Firm Favourite For First Managerial Sacking

Arteta returned to the Gunners after serving his apprenticeship under Guardiola, Experience as a number 2 has not translated into credibility as a number one.
Don’t get us wrong, an apprenticeship until Pep is a CV addition that most would give their arm for, and Mikel has a glowing CV there. Another bonus, Arteta has had few public spats with out of favour players, a lesson that Mourinho has never learnt.
The simple fact is that the players are not maximising their abilities. Is it hard for players with the experience and achievements of an Aubameyang to respect someone with no managerial experience? That is a possibility.
Arteta is a tactical master, a vital resource for success, however there is something more important lacking. What is it?
PASSION. Arteta has never got the pride from the players that the fans deserve. Take for instance the win by Brentford You saw an average team giving their absolute all, leaving nothing on the pitch. Arsenal’s example was the Polar opposite. Most of the team showed little passion, with the exception of Tierney, Saka, and ESR. How often we hear Arteta talking about ‘getting the best out of the players we have’…it never happens.
Whatever your view on Arsene Wenger, he believed that players should know their abilities already at this level. Having played under Wenger, Arteta should know this already. Yet, he continues to micromanage the players from the touchline, an unpopular trait. If Arteta does survive, and this seems unlikely, he needs to find a way to manage the passion more importantly that tweaking positions.
Wenger demonstrated this at every game. He rarely got up and screamed at the players. Often, he was accused of antipathy, whereas in reality he wasn’t. Arteta is very much hands on..and it isn’t working yet.
With a tough fixture list ahead, Arsenal must stop the mediocrity rot. If Arteta doesn’t do this, then Arsenal may need to follow the Chelsea route…and Arteta may need a change of employer.
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