3 FREE Insider Tips Pummel The Opposition And Jumpstart Your Marketing

3 FREE Insider Tips Pummel The Opposition And Jumpstart Your Marketing
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Do you ever feel frustrated at your online marketing results? Well, then you need 3 FREE Insider Tips Pummel The Opposition And Jumpstart Your Marketing.


If that is how you feel, you are not alone.

  • You spent hours on top quality research.
  • Your budget was stretched with content writers.
  • Your think tank spent countless hours designing your site.

The result, though, is frustration and despair. Don’t give up! Take a step back..what?


The Answer May Be Down To One Single Reason…What Is It?


It may be as simple as designing a better headline for your articles.

Now, I know what you are thinking..I use numbers in my headlines, I am an expert, this is definitely not the reason…if that is how you feel, let us explain

One of the best experts in his field David Ogilvy said this about it in Confessions of an Advertising Man.


“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”


five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy…wow! So, what he is saying is that if you don’t get the headline right, you may be starting the race with your feet tied together. So, lets have a look at 3 FREE Ways To Pummel The Opposition And Jumpstart Your Marketing.



3 FREE Insider Tips Number 1 – Learn What Power Words Are And How To Use Them


Do you want to engage your readers and get them emotionally involved in your content? Then Power Words may be the answer, They are simply words with forceful meaning that motivate your readers.

In what sense are they powerful? Because they persuade! they are words that will motivate your audience to act. When you use power words, they will more likely open your email, join your list, or click through to your article.

Now, consider an example: “without lifting a finger”. We hear you, this is not a Power Word, it is a Power Phrase. Yes, that is correct, however, it is important to use Power Phrases in addition to Power Words. What does this tell us? Don’t just throw a Power Word or two into your headline, make sure they don’t stand out! Use them as part of the whole flavour of the headline.

How could we illustrate this? Suppose you make a great burger! You choose the best meat patty, however your bun is stale, your vegetables droopy. How appetising is it now? Not much. So, you add a fresh bun to the patty, and you replace the old vegetables with fresh. Now, each bite will be savoured!

Your headline is the same. One Power Word will not make the whole headline appetising, you need the whole headline to project power.



3 FREE Insider Tips  Number 2 – Use The Right TYPE Of Power Word.


When cooking, you need the right ingredient for the right flavour. In a similar way, you need the right type of Power Word to elicit the right response. What! You ask, there is more than one type of Power Word? Yes.

Basically, and this IS basically, Power Words fall into 3 categories:


  1. Seductive Power Words
  2. Emotional Power Words, and
  3. Power Words That Visualise.


Would you like to learn more? Here is a little more on each category.


What Is A Power Word That Seduces?



Which would you prefer: new or old, if the price was the same?  Marketers know that new can often translate to ‘better’. Because of this, many companies use the word ‘new’ in their advertising campaigns.. Next time that you consider some ads for inspiration, take not of how often you find the word “new”.



One of the most powerful words that you will see in advertising copy is ‘free’.

It is often true that people will overlook a great offer if they can get something for free. And, marketing professionals know this. For example, look at one example of a great offer, and contrast it with a ‘free’ offer.


Great Offer: $8 Product + $2 Postage

Free Offer  : $12 Product + Free Shipping


Guess which one would sell more?

Companies have tried to apply just about every type of approach, but what they found was this. The offers that included ‘free shipping’ outsold those that were, in effect, a better offer. What does this tell you?

What it means for your advertising campaign is that ‘free’ is one of the most seductive power words that you can use. If your customer is in doubt, add the word free, and your sales will likely increase. However, there is another great sedcuctive power word…because.


Just “Because” – Tell Them Why?


Because is one of the most seductive of power words. Think of it this way:


Get it today because the sale ends tomorrow


Here is your ‘because’. If you don’t buy it today, it won’t be available.


Power Words That Evoke An Emotion


Getting your customers emotionally involved is one the best content techniques.

We may believe that we are logical animals, however, what always seems to be the case according to the experts is that we use emotions to take action, and then try to justify our actions with emotion.

Writer Jonah Berger, in his publication  “Contagious,” said this about the subject:


“Anger and anxiety lead people to share because, like awe, they are high-arousal emotions. They kindle the fire, activate people, and drive them to take action.”


Now, of course, there are seemingly no end of emotions. They don’t all pull in the same direction. However, one emotive power word is definitely one that you should consider, what is it?


Curiousity…There is a reason that this emotion is used extensively by Buzzfeed and other websites, emotional curiosity is and has been a mainstay of ways to drive clicks and increase engagement.


Power Words That Visualize


Picture having a night in watching Cable. All of a sudden, you get the munchies!. The trouble is, your fridge is empty, and the shop is too far away. All of a sudden, your flatmate enters. Loaded with Pizza!

You are overwhelmed with the aroma, but then you open the box, and see the cheesy deliciousness flowing off the side of the crust. You decide to ditch the diet, and your day is suddenly complete!

What happened to your diet? You experienced the power of visualisation.


Power words that visualise paint pictures in the heads of your audience. These words trigger sensory emotions such as seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling your words.

As with our recipe, you need to combine these words with others to multiply their effectiveness. Next time you dine out, check the descriptions of the menu, and see how those types of words are used to draw you into ordering each dish.



3 FREE Insider Tips Number 3 – Practice Makes Perfect!


So, how can you apply what we have discussed? Simply by repetition. We have included a list of Power Words below, take a look at these:


  • absolute
  • alluring
  • free
  • authentic
  • lascivious
  • indulgent
  • jaw-dropping



Try to see which of those words fit into the following categories:

  1. Seductive Power Words
  2. Emotional Power Words, and
  3. Power Words That Visualise.


Now, try to create headlines that will include those words. Once you have a selection of potential headlines, test them out! Go to people who won’t just want to keep you happy, and ask them which of the headlines they believe are the most effective.

Next, try one or two of them in your social media campaigns. See which types of headlines get the most response, and then you will see how Power Words can effectively help your marketing campaign.




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